Cools when you sweat, warms when you are cold

X-BIONIC® is the world’s only brand with 7 consecutive “MOST INNOVATIVE BRAND AWARD” titles, the biggest award for technology, sports and design!


X-BIONIC® Founder and CEO Professor Bodo W. Lambertz had enough of the conventional wisdom and production methods when it came to functional apparel to develop one of the most technologically advanced and innovative performance brands.

Since 2009, 7 consecutive years, X-BIONIC® has won the prestigious Plus X award for the “Most Innovative Brand” in the sportswear category. Over this time they have amassed 69 patents and over 200 design patents for their sportswear.

What does this mean to you and I? Improved comfort and performance!


Earlier cooling. Enhanced performance. The Trick® range is perfectly suited for the British climate by providing the right level of cooling.

How does it work? Cooling the body with sweat is essential to top performance. The body’s temperature sensors are concentrated along the spine. The brain interprets their signals to regulate your core body temperature.

The Trick® accelerates the feedback process by “tricking” the brain with false information (additional insulation along the spine). You don’t feel warmer, but the brain senses the body is too hot triggering your natural cooling response.

The result: the body only needs to cool from a lower peak temperature returning earlier to the body’s optimal temperature range meaning more energy remains for performance.


More cooling means more energy for better performance. A perfect choice for those hot summer days.

TWYCE features:

  • enlarged and reshaped 3D bionic sphere®
  • new Y-Structure that absorbs excess sweat from the 3D Bionic Sphere®
  • an enhanced evaporative cooling zone (200% larger than on the Trick)
  • a combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibres to transport sweat to the TWYCE Cool Zone

Partial Kompression – the new benchmark in compression technology. Partial Kompression maintains the advantages of compression (enhanced uptake of oxygen and nutrients, reduction of muscle vibrations, and improved recovery) without neglecting the importance of cooling.

Benefits of Partial Kompression versus full compression clothing*:

  • -50%: less heat generation resulting in a lower core body temperature
  • +10%: gains in performance duration
  • -7%: less lactate produced during exercise
  • +20%: faster recovery
  • -2.4 beats: lower heart rate for same workload

*Study conducted by the government’s CeRiSM Research Institute – University of Verona

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