Your bike is in safe hands at Velosport. We operate a state of the art workshop with the latest tools and equipment. As keen cyclists ourselves, we know that every ride is that much more enjoyable when your bike is maintained in top form.

To request an appointment to have your bike serviced, use our online form, give us a ring or just drop by the shop. Our mechanics are always ready to help.

Please be aware that from 1st April 2018 we will be adding an additional £2 fee onto the cost of each General and Deluxe service as part of our eco friendly policy. This will cover the cost of us recycling components and using biodegradable cleaning products.


Basic Service

Schedule as needed
£45 + parts

Big ride coming up? Bike been in the shed for a while? A basic service will give you the peace of mind that everything’s working as intended. Our mechanics will let you know if a more in-depth service is advisable.

What's included?

  • Gears and brakes checked for wear
  • Chain checked for wear and lubricated
  • Wheels and tyres checked for wear
  • Bolts checked for correct torque
  • Recommendations for future work

Servicing of suspension or hydraulic brakes not included

General Service

Recommended every 6 months
£80 + parts

Our most popular service option – a general service is appropriate if your bike needs some attention but perhaps not such drastic work as a deluxe service would provide. We’ll always advise you before replacing any components.

What's included?

  • Frame / forks wiped down and inspected
  • Drivetrain removed, cleaned, checked for wear and re-greased
  • Wheels trued (subject to type of wheel)
  • Hubs and rims inspected for wear
  • Tyres inflated and checked for wear
  • Gears set up
  • Chain lubricated
  • Brakes set up, pads checked for wear and replaced if necessary
  • All fastenings tightened
  • Bike test-ridden post service

Servicing of suspension or hydraulic brakes not included

Deluxe service

Recommended annually
£130-£150 + parts £150 for TT bikes

Our deluxe service is a full strip-down and overhaul of your bike from top to bottom. We aim to restore it mechanically to how it worked when it was brand new. We’ll always advise you before replacing any components.

What's included?

  • Bike stripped down to the bare frame
  • Frame/forks thoroughly cleaned and checked for damage and alignment
  • Threads checked, cleaned and greased
  • All groupset parts cleaned, inspected for damage and re-greased.
  • Components (e.g. chain, brake pads) checked and replaced if necessary
  • Wheels checked for rim wear and trued
  • Hubs disassembled and rebuilt with fresh grease and new bearings (if necessary)
  • Headset checked for wear, cleaned and rebuilt with fresh grease
  • Bike reassembled
  • Moving parts checked and adjusted
  • Cables replaced (if necessary)
  • Brakes and gears set up
  • Drivetrain lubricated
  • Bike test-ridden post service


Just need a specific repair? See our service list below for our standard prices. Not sure what’s needed? Or the service you need isn’t on the list below? We can advise – get in touch.


  • Bike build – POA
  • Fitting an existing groupset and or wheels onto a new frame – POA
  • Wheel build – from £35 per wheel + parts
  • Wheel re-build – from £45 per wheel + parts
  • Wheel true – £20 + parts
  • Fitting a tubeless tyre – £20 per wheel plus sealant
  • Hub service – £25 per wheel + parts
  • Puncture repair – £10 + parts
  • Headset service / fitting – £30 + parts
  • Cassette swap – £10 + parts
  • Gear service – £15 per derailleur + parts
  • Brake service – £15 per caliper / disc + parts
  • Disc brake bleed service – £25 + parts
  • Fitting a new bottom bracket – £30 + parts
  • Chris King front hub service – £35 + parts
  • Chris King rear hub service – £50 + parts
  • Fitting new bar tape – £10 + parts
  • Fitting a new chain – £10 + parts

When you purchase a frame and components at Velosport the build is always free. We will make sure you new bike is set up, so you are ready to roll!


A custom wheel build can make a big difference to the performance and durability of your wheelset. We’ll help you select the best rims, hubs and spoke count based on your riding style, weight and your personal wish list.


Our experienced bike mechanics will be happy to talk you through the work required – often with more passion than you may have been expecting. They will answer any questions you may have before, during or after the service.
Our mechanics are Chris King and Hope accredited.

Jack Hudson

Bicycle: Fondriest TF2

A cyclist as long as he can remember, Jack is never happier than on 2 wheels – it’s total freedom.

Jack has always fixed bikes. In his free time, he is working on rebuilding a racing bike and knows his way around nearly anything you could throw at him. He is always looking to work on something new.

Jack loves relaxing after a long, hard ride and the rush of the crowd at a good concert.


We offer bike service tutorials for those interested in learning how to maintain their own bike in top form. In small groups or 1-to-1, our mechanic will guide you through the steps to complete everyday bike maintenance and typical roadside repairs. He will give you tips and advice to keep you rolling. Sessions last 1 hour, cost £30 and are entirely geared up to the needs and experience of the individual or group.
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