Velosport’s review of the Roval CLX50 clincher full carbon wheels & Hutchinson Fusion Tubeless Tyres

Steve James of Velosport tested out the Roval CLX50 clincher full carbon wheels and Hutchinson Fusion Tubeless tyres and reviews their performance here.

I had always thought that tubeless tyres were solely for Cycle Cross and Mountain Bikers until now.

The recent release from manufacturers of Tubeless tyres and their marketing drive has made me reconsider.

We have now invested in a pair of Roval CLX50 full carbon clincher wheels for test use. These are the same wheels that a lot of the Pro tour Peleton use. The wheels weigh in at 1375gms for the pair and retail for £1700, which puts them in the Zipp 404 league. They also use DT Swiss  hubs with ceramic bearings which are easy to service.

Fitted to the wheels was a set of the Hutchinson Fusion tubeless  25mm tyres. When used with the Roval wheels which have an internal  rim width of 22mm, the 25mm blow up nearer to 28mm.

On rolling out of the shop on my first ride I was immediately struck by how smooth the ride was. The tubeless tyres at 90psi were a joy to use.

The following morning I took a group of customers to Brighton. A few miles into the ride I had my first experience of a puncture. The sealant started to escape through the hole in the tyre , but soon sealed without loss of air pressure. Wow, I thought.
As my confidence grew I  started to ride without the need to be as careful of the road syurface as I would on a clincher tyre knowing that I was now in the main immune from punctures. The other great thing was that normally after a few hours my hands get very uncomfortable due to arthritis in the base of my thumbs, but on that ride and all others  since this hasn’t happened. The wheel, tyre combination simply smooths out the road surfaces.

The Roval wheels are one of the best wheels I have ever used. Only beaten by the Lightweight Meilensten’s which are a lot more expensive. The Rovals accelerate quickly, don’t flex under load and roll extremely fast. In fact they encourage you to ride faster. They are also better in windy conditions than most 50mm wheels that I have used, which is a real benefit.

I would thoroughly recommend this combination to anyone seeking more comfort and speed, and they look super cool too.

So don’t just take my word for it, pop in and try them out using our demo programme.


Roval CLX 50 clincher full carbon wheels are available to purchase in our online store.

Hutchinson tubeless tyres are also available to purchase in our online store.


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