E-Bike Test Ride with Simplon

Review written by Dom Dymond.

What, a bike with electric? Why would you use that? I’m not that old yet! It defeats the purpose.

These are all reasonable responses to your first look at an e-bike, and I was with you. Until I managed to take one of these bad boys out and cruise, quite effortlessly, around the streets of London.

Let’s start with the power settings, you can go from Eco, which is slow and steady to keeping your battery life going, to turbo and yes, turbo is just as fun as it sounds.

Now, the weight. As these bikes tend to be a bit heavier than the usual pedal machine, you would think it would be hard to pedal without the motor assisting. Well, you can notice the increase in weight, BUT it’s a very minor detail once you are sat on the bike. The geometry, is super comfortable and for me this took the weight problem away.

Lastly, the look. When electric bikes first emerged, they weren’t the most appealing bit of art on the cycling market but now they’ve come back. Innovators such as Simplon have made their bikes look close to the original thing.

My Ride

My commute goes through some nice, traffic filled, lanes and doesn’t tend to give you space, so to me this was a decent way of testing out an E-Bike. To begin, I wanted to settle into the power settings, so I used the touring option. The nice kick from the motor puts a smile on your face instantly, I’m sure I burst out laughing in the middle of the busy high street. I quickly noticed the counteraction of not being able to cut through the cars in the way, as soon as the cars start moving so are you. No pushing off, just put your feet on the pedals and start moving, and you will quickly hit 16mph, which is the speed limit for electric motors. After getting out of Putney, I have a couple of short ‘sprinty’ roads I can have a bit of fun on, this was the perfect place to enter Turbo Mode. Now I didn’t see blurry lights and enter warp speed, but the difference is incredible. You can hear the motor pushing as much as it can to get you to the magic number and this, for me, felt like my first ride on my old pit bike. After this, I soon got carried away climbing hills and took a few detours on the way home, for example Notting Hill, four times I went up and down that hill without a sweat, laughing at how easy it was compared to my other bike. This made me realise, I can get to work feeling completely refreshed, not sweaty and of course…looking good. Also remember, cycling isn’t just about pedalling your hardest, it’s about exploring, and boy can you do it on these machines.

Ride to work in a suit? This is for you!

Ride a lengthy commute to work? This is for you!

Want to effortlessly cruise up box hill? This is for you!

Want to go off road effortlessly? This is for you!

Want to check them out? Velosport 14th April 2018 E Bike Testing at Richmond Park

Or pop in whenever you are free, and we’ll get you set up.

E-Bikes are coming, its time to embrace them!

– Dom Dymond – Cinelli Vigorelli

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