Very efficient and trustworthy.

Paula – 30th December 2018


Large variety of items available at a decent price. All members of staff are very friendly and helpful.

Chris – 8th December 2018


Great friendly service. No question is too silly and the staff are always happy to help.

Cathy – 27th November 2018


Friendly and helpful. Seemed to have my best interests in mind. Quality service.

Ben – 19th November 2018


Staff seemed very knowledgeable and passionate about cycling. I could tell I was getting advice from people who have good experience. The service is refreshing compared to what I’ve experienced at chain stores.

Thomas – 4th November 2018


Steve clearly and concisely explained what the bike fit session hoped to achieve and the ultimate goal of more power and pain free riding. The one-on-one session looks at everything from the arch of your feet to the angle of your back and much more. Steve’s passion for cycling and his life experience are the value added extras. Well worth the money.

Andy – 28th October 2018


Friendly, good location, all parts needed in stock. Fast turnaround and didn’t find extra jobs that needed doing.

Marcus – 21st October 2018


Good, quick and friendly service. Helpful and informative. They have an impressive workshop and are clearly excellent technicians.

Michael – 10th October 2018


Easy to communicate with, appeared a very well organised bike shop. Products good quality and reasonable prices

Matthew – 7th October 2018


Had my first ever bike fit with Steve. He answered all questions and spent a lot of time with explaining the rationale for each amendment. Will definitely come back if I need a bike fit again.

Szabolcs- 28th September 2018


Helpful, good advice and honest on your requirements and not focused on making sure you buy the most expensive components.

Jonathan- 24th September 2018


Just a great bike shop. One of the best I have come across. Great product range and sales team. Really excellent and very friendly mechanics who have helped me out many times. Special thanks to Kamil for letting me back on the road at short notice yesterday – saved my Sunday afternoon. Cannot recommend Velosport enough.

Edward – 10th September 2018


I recently went to Velosport in Putney to get myself a bike fit. They use the Retul system, and Steve the fitting technician was fantastic. He was extremely knowledgeable and easy to chat with, taking time to understand my riding style, my problem areas, and what I was hoping to achieve with the fit. Having ridden many 1000’s of km’s without a fit, I was quite sceptical about the difference a bike fit would make, but it has easily been one of the best investments I have made with the bike. I went from being unable to ride 60-70km without some form of knee discomfort/pain, to riding completely pain free and comfortable over 200km in a day. Steve made a plethora of adjustments on my bike, cleats, and shoes, and included a follow up session a few weeks later to make further adjustments once I had settled into the initial fit. In short, I cannot recommend this service highly enough!

Thanks again!!!!

Luke – 2nd August 2018


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