Bike review: Titici Gravel

Titici Gravel bike test and ride review by Nick Butterfield

As usual, I received my regular Velosport news update into my in box – and as usual I took a quick look. This time however, there was a gravel bike review and this caught my attention. Who really needs a gravel bike? The link took me to the latest GCN bike test and it was for the Titici Flexy Gravel in matt army green livery. Well this bike looked incredible with it’s rebel footballer colour scheme and that amazing wafer thin side profile top tube. This was enough for me to call Steve James at Velosport and enquire about this stunner. He soon discovered that I was to be joining a group of gravel riders about to depart from Kingston and ride to Brighton on a 100km off road experience! He then offered me the Titici to test and how could I not…

The ride took us along the tow paths to Guildford and then along a disused railway line all the way to Shoreham by Sea – overall a 110km mud and gravel off-road test. This bike managed superbly well and everyone was envious of it’s awesome appearance as it really stands out in a crowd. Overall I learnt the reason why you need a gravel bike in the stable as clearly they do fill another gap in ones ride calendar and excuse to travel further afield into the wilderness on a tough go-anywhere-bike. 10/10

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