Test riding Reynolds wheels – review

Steve James reviews the Reynolds Assaults and Strikes.

As a Reynolds test centre, I took the opportunity to test out the two entry level full carbon clincher wheel sets. The Assaults which are 41mm deep and the Strikes which are 62mm deep. The entry level pricing is £1299 and £1349 respectively.

I had ridden the previous version of the Assaults and had been less than impressed with them in all areas. Visually the latest versions follow the trend of stealth black which I prefer.

I first tried the Assault’s on a club ride on my Legend Queen. I was very impressed in all areas, which I wasn’t expecting given my previous experience. They were smooth, rolled very well thanks to the new industry hubs, they didn’t flex when out of the saddle. They were better than my Zipp 303s in that respect. Climbing was no problem, they held their speed well and weren’t affected by cross winds. Even the braking was better than the Zipps.

I then moved to the Strikes. Initially they felt heavier, which is true as they weigh 1645gms as opposed to 1515gms.

Having used the Strikes on a ride to the Surrey hills I have changed my opinion. They are also very smooth and comfortable. Where they excel is in the speed of acceleration and their ability to hold a higher speed for less effort.

I am not looking forward to taking them off my bike.


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