Tom Ritchey, president and lead designer of Ritchey taught himself to build frames as a teenager. He designed some of the burgeoning mountain bike industry’s first frames and components back in the 1970s. Every year Tom guides the R&D efforts of Ritchey in pursuit of both subtle improvements to existing products, or large-scale advances leading to new ones.

Starting with fatigue cycle testing, the manufacturers strive for at least 2x the standard laid out by CEN (the European Committee which determines minimum safety standards for bicycles and components sold in Europe). The company applies the same stringent standards to impact testing, meaning that before a proposed design finds its way onto a tester’s bike, it has already been proven structurally and then some. In 2006, Ritchey aligned themselves with a respected German test lab in order to verify their own testing results. This outside authentication ensures product releases meet the highest standards. Once a product clears machine testing, prototype samples endure rigorous use by both amateur and professional riders alike, including Ritchey sponsored athletes around the world. By the time you put it on your bike, it has passed a global testing and approval process second to none.

State of the art engineering is only useful when it delivers real benefit. Flashy products or the implementation of expensive materials or manufacturing has  never been the end goal. That’s why “Logic” has always been the very best word to distinguish Tom’s sophisticated yet sensible approach to component design.


Each purchase of a Ritchey bike starts with an in-store consultation.

  • What will the bike be used for?
  • How do you want it to ride?
  • What frame materials have you considered?
  • What do you want the bike to look like?
  • What components will be fitted?
  • What budget are you working to?

We will make sure we fit you up with the right size frame – a £45 service that is free as part of the bike purchase. We will then order your bike with the correct frame size and the components agreed upon in your initial consultation.

Retul Muve Bike

Once your new bike is delivered to our store we will conduct a bike fit for you to ensure you are correctly set up on your bike, ready to enjoy many miles in the saddle. This is an interactive process whereby we test a number of different positions before settling on the final fit position. Our static 2D bike fit service worth £120 is included in your bike purchase. If you opt at this point for our Retul 3D bike fit, we will conduct this for you at 50% of the full service price.

You and your bike are now ready to go! We can help set you up with insurance and a service plan to ensure your bike is well taken care of for the months ahead.



The patented Ritchey Break-Away® design has been heralded by mainstream cycling media as one of the most innovative bikes on the market today. This incredible blend of travel convenience and no-compromise performance is now available in a lightweight, stiff yet silky smooth full carbon version.

Carbon fiber bikes for travel? Yes. Ritchey has offered the Titanium Carbon Break-Away (with a full carbon rear triangle and fork) for years with no issues. Our carbon fiber designs are very strong—the force required to damage your Carbon Break-Away while packed in its case would have also damaged any frame of any material.

The bike is fitted with Dura Ace and available in frame size 55cm. The frameset comes with the travel bag.

Price: frameset £2,499



The Swiss Cross Disc blends cyclocross racing heritage with up-to-date geometry and tubing

  • Handmade to Tom Ritchey’s exacting standards
  • Heat treated, triple-butted Ritchey Logic CrMo steel tubing throughout
  • Forged and machined head tube with integrated cups for use with drop-in headsets – lighter and stronger than a standard head tube
  • Straight carbon steer tube with optimized layup for stiffness under braking forces without excessive harshness
  • Ritchey WCS Carbon disc cross fork, painted to match
  • Full length housing stops for use with cable or hydraulic brakes
  • Front: 140/160mm rotor compatible; Rear: 160mm rotor compatibility
  • Ritchey socket dropouts
  • 135mm rear spacing
  • Room for tires up to 38c tires, depending on tire and rim manufacturer
  • 10.30 kg / 22.7 lbs (55 cm)

Bike of the year finalist 16/17 – road.cc, the Swiss Cross Disc Ultra is available in 51cm frame.

Price: frameset £999.99; complete bike £2969.00



The new Comp Road Logic offers a riding experience that’s steeped with more than forty years of framebuilding heritage, innovation and exploration. The beauty of its classic lines unites with modern building techniques, proven materials and a wise component spec to deliver a contemporary bicycle that’s wonderfully comfortable for long days in the saddle, nimble and stiff enough to win the sprint for that sign, and adequately adaptable to endure roads that might lack proper pavement.

The Ritchey Comp Road Logic features a Shimano 105 groupset, Ritchey Comp 4-Axis stem, Curve bars, 2-Bolt seat post and Comp Zeta wheels. Wrapped in an exquisite new Skyline Blue paint scheme, the new Comp Road Logic also enjoys spacing for up to 30c tires and a new Ritchey Carbon Fork with wider tire clearance that will ensure you enjoy a lifetime of pedal turns.

Weight 8.7kg / 19.2 lbs (55cm)

Price: frameset £979.99; complete £2099



Heat-treated, triple-butted Ritchey Logic II tubing in our own unique butting profiles results in a frame that balances rough trail compliance with sprint-winning stiffness.

The 29er-specific geometry was defined by countless hours of saddle time under Tom Ritchey, World Cup legend Thomas Frischknecht and other racers. The result: nimble handling that captures the benefits of the big wheels, stable but not sluggish, equally at home on all-day epics or tight, technical singletrack race courses.

  • Ritchey forged-and-machined
  • 1.5″ tapered head tube
  • Designed for use with
  • 100mm travel forks
  • Clearance for up to 2.25″ tires, depending on tire and rim manufacturer
  • 12.30 kg / 27.1 lbs (M/17”)


  • Price: frameset £749; complete £2,969
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