Factor Bikes was conceived in 2007 in an unassuming industrial unit in Norfolk, England from a commitment to innovation, speed and performance through advanced engineering. Originally an offshoot of bf1systems, a leading engineering firm dedicated to working at the highest levels of design with some of the fastest, most prestigious brands in the world including Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Maserati and many F1, Moto GP, and WRC teams.

Designed with input from both Baden and David Millar – British Road and TT champion and multiple Grand Tour stage winner – the new generation of Factor Bikes continue to build on this innovative heritage with no compromise luxury performance using only the very highest quality materials, fit, and finishing. All Factor Bikes are an excellent combination of master craftsmanship, the very finest materials, innovative engineering and manufacturing processes all brought together with the highest possible standard of finishing and attention to detail. This, together with decades of cutting edge engineering and manufacturing expertise ensures Factor’s total control of their frames: from concept to design, to testing and production and beyond.


Each purchase of a Factor bike starts with an in-store consultation.

  • What will the bike be used for?
  • How do you want it to ride?
  • What frame materials have you considered?
  • What do you want the bike to look like?
  • What components will be fitted?
  • What budget are you working to?
Talk to one of our experts

We will make sure we fit you up with the right size frame – a £45 service that is free as part of the bike purchase. We will then order your bike with the correct frame size and the components agreed upon in your initial consultation.

Once your new bike is delivered to our store we will conduct a bike fit for you to ensure you are correctly set up on your bike, ready to enjoy many miles in the saddle. This is an interactive process whereby we test a number of different positions before settling on the final fit position. Our static 2D bike fit service worth £120 is included in your bike purchase. If you opt at this point for our Retul 3D bike fit, we will conduct this for you at 50% of the full service price.

You and your bike are now ready to go! We can help set you up with insurance and a service plan to ensure your bike is well taken care of for the months ahead.



The One is unusual in that its most distinctive feature—the Twin Vane Split Downtube—was created in order to improve the bike’s stiffness and ride quality, not its aerodynamics. That said smaller structures create less turbulence because they disturb the airflow less, so the Twin Vane Split Downtube gives the air coming off the front wheel more options for smooth flow. The benefit is tangible and the benefit of the Twin Vane Split Downtube has been measured to be 100g at 25 mph when compared to a traditional down tube design.

Whilst aerodynamics are a big part of the One, the model also includes CeramicSpeed bearings in the headset and bottom bracket because in order to avoid bearing drag that can hurt the performance of any bike.

This is a bike that rides and feels like a traditional road bike and feels just as lively during standing efforts as any high-end road bike. The measure of a great road bike is its ability to carve the turns of an Alpine descent at race pace, and the One provides the balance in handling, road feel and stiffness you expect from a premium bike, and it does all this while providing an exceptional aerodynamic advantage.

The Factor One V2 frame kit is priced at £4,500. The complete bike will be fully customized for the rider and prices start from £6000.

Please enquire in-store for availability.



The people responsible for how the O2 rides all raced at the ProTour level. This is the bike they wish they had when they were racing: solid handling and enough stiffness. Rather than use one steerer dimension for all sizes, the O2 has size-specific tubes and layups so that the feel of the largest frame is the same as the feel of the smallest frame and comes with disc brakes. The O2 is meant to impart an experience, not a look.

Factor has produced a frame and fork strong enough to take the braking loads of disc brakes without the ride becoming too harsh. From the smooth transitions and rounded tube shapes, the lack of sharp edges was a conscious decision to design a bike that performed without compromise without simultaneously giving the bike an aerodynamic flaw that would hurt its rider’s quest for speed.

The O2 is a study in the dark art of layup. Not only are the particular materials chosen for their ability to contribute to the bike’s stiffness and ride quality, the are cut to exacting standards and placed in carefully selected locations, making sure the layers overlap no more than necessary; extra fiber is a waste, both in performance and weight.

The frames weighs 740 grams and is stiff enough to contest Paris-Roubaix and strong enough to still be rideable after a crash.

The O2 frame kit is priced at £4,000. The complete bike will be fully customized for the rider and prices start from £5,500.

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