Factor O2 Demo Ride

Our customer Mark tests out the newly arrived Factor O2 bike:

As an excuse to get out in the beautiful weather today, I decided to ask Velosport if I could take the Factor O2 they have in store for a demo ride. Fortunately they agreed & two hours after asking, I was on my way to Cobham with the O2.


The first thing I noticed was the aggressive riding position & whilst not uncomfortable it was decidedly different to my Colnago, it’s also a lot stiffer than I am used to, but that comes into it’s own when you put some power through the pedals. Right away you feel the extra effort being taken up & the difference was staggering, but what really amazed me was the responsive nature of the set up. When descending one downhill section, at around 60kph, there is a fairly tight right hander at the bottom of the hill & the O2 just nosed it’s way round, without a hint of being pushed – quick & safe too!

Without especially trying, I also managed to improve on a Strava climbing segment, taking a previous 8:21 time down to 8:08 and on a steep 300m climb, took my time down from 49 to 46 seconds – all down to the bike!

One aspect that was a tad less comfortable than my usual bike, was the bumpy effect on the back end when hitting some scrappy road surface, but it certainly didn’t detract from what was one of the most enjoyable (if not the most) rides of the year.

Conclusion: beg, borrow or…….just go & get one, or worst case, go for a demo ride on the O2 at Velosport.


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